The objective of the International Conference “Recent trends in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety” is to bring together academic and industrial researchers, as well as practitioners, and provide a common platform to share ideas, issues, and solutions relevant to the field of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety. The focus of this conference will be on transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary innovations that will help to understand the changing scenario of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research.

We solicit your active participation and support by sending papers and sponsoring delegates in making the conference a success.

Submission Process: Paper/Poster submission is allowed through the online manuscript submission and tracking system through Easy chair Paper Submission Portal:


The scope of the RTPD-2022 is to publish articles in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Clinical Research, and broad fields of Life Sciences like chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Microbiology, and Immunology, etc. The field of Life Sciences has made tremendous advancements in our understanding of cellular and biological processes. Our knowledge has considerably enhanced following the success of sequencing of human and many other genomes. We are hopeful that in the future we will have answers to the cure of lifestyle as well as pathogen-induced diseases. On the agricultural front, it should be possible to sustain and increase food production to meet the needs of a growing population in our part of the globe. In today’s era where man is creating tremendous damage to the environment, there is a dire need to redefine our conservation strategies to protect the natural heritage of India and preserve our ecosystems for future generations. New Trends in Life Sciences and Biotechnology are vital for the improvement of human health, management of environmental issues, and understanding the web of life on earth. The multidisciplinary approach of this journal will surely sensitize the researchers, academicians, and students in research to convert their knowledge into technical writing.